A story, a family, a terroir…

1850 Birth of the vineyard

In the nineteenth century, Drapers from the Pey family settled in the Entre Deux Mers and started planting vines in Cadillac and Targon . A century later, Evrard Lataste married the only daughter of the family. A Banker in Cadillac, he established his winery in the town center and built the domain of Lardiley. His innovations, often successful, won him many awards at prestigious competitions as early as 1907. He also began bottling his wines and turned towards the UK market for exports.

Second generation

Jean Lataste took over the domain. A Doctor, he died early at the age of thirty. He left the vineyard to his son Pierre Lataste to develop.


Since 1985, I continued with the family tradition while wishing to combine tradition and modernity. My work has focused on developing trade and export activities.
In 2004, the property became one of the first to be certified integrated farming. At the same time, the vineyard was restructured to ensure optimum quality.


Today, our range is complete and the initials VL now capture our full range of products. Represented in France and abroad, the Lataste vineyard guarantees quality and authenticity.