The vineyard news according to…

Bernard Sutre, Agronomic Engineer in charge of organic culture at Vignobles Vincent LATASTE

The sun and high temperatures are coming back. Consequently, the vineyard’s flower is now enough matured and homogenous in all the areas. Following 2013 we have to enjoy this important point!

The semi-flowering has produced around the 5th of June and by the way we can pretend the year will be earlier. The vine doesn’t suffer of the lack of water. After the clippings the vegetation is riched. The photo-synthese is very active and berries growth is very fasten.

If pluvio-metry is “normal”, the vine gets hydric reservoirs which are necessary to create a good vintage. The load of gapes is moderated and leaf setting surface will be correct to feed the grapes. The homogenous flowering indicates a simplified management of the maturation. The development of the fungus can be the main risk during the harvests. Hopefully wine makers have to manage it without mistakes!